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Gobar Gas
As the gobar gas production is an anaerobic process, it is carried out in an air tight, closed cylindrical concrete tank called a digester. The tank has a concrete inlet basin on one side for feeding fresh cattle dung (gobar). There is a concrete outlet on the outer side for removing the digested sludge. The top of the tank serves as the gas tank. It has an outlet pipe for the gobar gas.

This is how it works

1. Mixing tank with inlet pipe and sand trap.
2. Digester.
3. Compensation and removal tank.
4. Gasholder.
5. Gas pipe.
6. Entry hatch, with gastight seal.
7. Accumulation of thick sludge.
8. Outlet pipe.
9. Reference level.
10. Scum.
Fresh cattle dung is mixed with equal amount of water, and fed daily into the digester tank through the inlet (1) and allowed to remain there. Gobar gas collects in the space above the slurry in the main tank.
Frame with Chicken Mesh for making RCC dome.
It is conducted through the outlet pipe (5) and used for domestic purposes. The digested sludge (digested biomass) is automatically removed from the tank through (8) and is an excellent fertilizer. It is smooth and continuous process. The only thing is that the degree of digestion of the gobar from the beginning to the end is determined by the ambient temperature. So if the temperature is not high enough then all the gobar is not digested and so we get less gas and the output slurry is not as rich in Nitrogen and so is not such a good fertiliser. Anyway that is the price in these cold climates.
8 Ft Pit for installing New Gobar Gas Plant near New Cow Shed
Dome of Gobar Gas plant installed with rough finished surface.
Above are photos of construction of 2 new gobar gas plants of 4 cu ft capacity each. This will be fed with the cow shed output as well as the toilet output of Main House, Cheese Room and New Cottage. The gas resulting will feed all the structures. As the volume of these units is larger, the distance that the gobar gas can be sent and used is more and so it will be able to service all the main structures. It remains to be seen how much of our needs we can meet with this capacity.
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